Introduction to Advanced Analysis and Computation Center
The Administration Board of the University founded the Advanced Analysis and Computation Center (AACC) on 4, December, 2009. This was done to further our goal of establishing CUMT as a research based university and to create a multi-discipline, University wide, shared platform that provides tools for academic research and development.

Being a University wide platform for investigation and scientific research, the Advanced Analysis and Computation Center features an integrated design with centralized management and is run independently of the individual departments.

It is considered an auxiliary teaching unit and is directly under the CUMT head administration.The AACC is creating a leading scientific research and computation resource in line with the overall objectives of the University. The center is appropriate for multi-disciplinary applications and has the most modern instruments for analysis of surface properties, the study of inorganic and organic composition and structure, as well as a high performance computer for data analysis and modeling. Our intent is to gain certification as a national measurement laboratory.

The center has an objective of promoting efficiency and optimum resource use by administrating an open laboratory with shared operations available to all students and faculty of the University. A second objective is to advance the level of fundamental studies at the University. By establishing an efficient and prudent system of administration the center provides a service for teaching, scientific research, and growth in every discipline. In addition, the center may provide services to the local community as a way to further economic development and social harmony.

The high performance computational equipment provides hardware and software appropriate for numerical analysis and scientific calculations related to mining disciplines. The equipment is run and maintained by the Center at a suitable capacity and level of computation to allow efficient integration with, and comprehensive application to, various resources through a high speed network. Hence, network based services and support are available for high performance computations.

The University's goals of establishing key laboratories, building new disciplines, encouraging innovative teaching, and supporting exceptional scientific research and development are supported by the Center's vigorous actions to expand the exchange of ideas between various academic and research fields. The Center attempts to broaden the scope of measurement technology by developing new applications of our instruments to real-world technical problems. In this way both the University's undertakings and the local economy are given a scientific basis for their further development.